Chapter 56: Face Slapping Interlude (Teaser)

Chapter 56: Face Slapping Interlude

Princess Gouyu’s entrance made the noisy din of voices completely disappear.

After all, every single heir present felt a bit of dread and fear towards the identity of the main organizer of the Hidden Dragon Trials. If you irritated Princess Gouyu somehow and you faced additional obstacles as a result, the loss would outweigh the gain.

A distinguished vicennial gathering such as the Hidden Dragon Trials was something that the whole nation participated in. Shortly after the appearance of Princess Gouyu, two squads of strong practitioners from the Tiandu army sprinted down the avenue and occupied the two sides of the avenue, cordoning off the area.

This meant that the monarch was arriving.

Eastern Lu was in high spirits and his steps were steady and vigorous. His bright eyes looked around with a stern and an awe inspiring gaze.

“May the Emperor live ten thousand years, long live the Eastern Kingdom!”

The subjects and courtiers all threw themselves down on their knees one after another, awaiting the arrival of the king.

The 108 dukes also all found their areas and took their seats.

Eastern Lu occupied the center of the courtyard and spoke with a strong and resonant voice, “Our Eastern Kingdom, with a heritage of a thousand years, has always emphasized the heritage of martial dao. In order to conspicuously display our martial dao, and provide impetus...

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