Chapter 559: A Thrilling and Exciting Effect

Chapter 559: A Thrilling and Exciting Effect

Just a short while ago when the price of one Longevity Pill had shot to the skies, the onlookers had felt it to be a ludicrous amount for a pill. That is, that was the thought in everyone’s mind except the two fighting over it. Even if the two heavyweights from the Regal Pill Palace had found this price to be verging on the ridiculous, not a hint of it crossed their faces. But having seen Xiang Wentian’s stunning transformation, all doubts and skepticism were now gone with the wind.

Everyone could more or less understand the miraculousness of pills. But for a pill to have such amazing and instantaneous effects like the Longevity Pill was still a first for everyone, even those with a wide array of experience. They all looked at Xiang Wentian, not even blinking for fear of him reverting to his previous form if they did. This scene was just like magic. But no matter who, everyone was convinced that the Longevity Pill had the power to turn back time.

“Congratulations, ole brother Xiang!” Palace Head Dan Chi was the first to come forward in congratulations. Although he was surprised, he was even more delighted. He could see the glorious future of the Longevity Pill from Xiang Wentian’s transformation.

Xiang Wentian laughed heartily....

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