Chapter 558: The Longevity Pill That Turns Back Time

Chapter 558: The Longevity Pill That Turns Back Time

Honored Master Tian Ming wasn’t willing to play second fiddle to this madman as he hiked the price up to five million. However, Xiang Wentian’s eyes had gone bloodshot in his desire. He didn’t even blink as he tossed in a bid of six million spirit stones.

The situation was quickly getting out of hand. If this continued, these two maniacs might resort to something ludicrous in their frenzy for the pill. Off to the side, Wei Wuying was watching coldly. If he had been allowed to speak, he would’ve gladly added some more fuel to the fire and turned it into a complete mess. Things would be perfect if he could incite a fight between the Great Cathedral and Dark North Sect.

Wei Wuying was the sort who loved a good show, but didn’t particularly care about how it came about. The unluckier others were, the happier he was. Besides, with how the competition had developed, he too felt that the price of the Longevity Pill had far exceeded its true value. Six million stones! Even if he were to take out so many stones in one go, it would still tug painfully at his heartstrings.

Wang Jianyu had been forced to sit in silence after being blasted by Xiang Wentian, but...

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