Chapter 557: A Preposterous Bidding War

Chapter 557: A Preposterous Bidding War

Although it was a spontaneous auction, the atmosphere was abnormally fervent. The one hosting the auction was a fifth rank sect head. He had no wishes or desires and was fully aware that he didn’t have the resources to battle for the pill. In addition, his sect had received no end of benefits from the Regal Pill Palace in the past, so he had naturally volunteered to host this auction.

“Everyone, can I say a few words?” Wang Jianyu couldn’t help but open his mouth again when he saw the auction about to start.

Xiang Wentian could barely keep his anger in check when he saw Wang Jianyu jumping out again. “Wang Jianyu, you have the most amount of issues here. Hurry up and fart out whatever you have!”

He wasn’t ordinarily such a crude person, but he simply couldn’t remain composed when he’d fully understood the effects of the Longevity Pill.  Being able to extend his lifespan up to a maximum of eight hundred years was an incredible temptation! However, this Wang Jianyu wouldn’t stop running his mouth, buzzing around like an annoying fly!

Wang Jianyu felt a bit awkward at hearing that, but still summoned his courage and raised his hands in a cupped fist salute towards Xiang Wentian. “Elder brother Xiang, it’s not that I want to keep talking,...

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