Chapter 556: Furiously Fighting Over the Longevity Pill

Chapter 556: Furiously Fighting Over the Longevity Pill

“Haha, now isn’t this quite a gathering? Everyone, what kind of show is this? Jiang Chen is a young man who’s just set foot in this broad world of ours. Don’t go scaring him now.” Palace Head Dan Chi’s voice had barely broken the silence before his figure appeared. He’d obviously made his way as quick as he could after hearing the news. Protecting Jiang Chen was his first and only priority here. How would he not know what kind of thoughts were running through the heads of these old fellows? They were just here to swindle the Longevity Pill from Jiang Chen.

Honored Master Tian Ming chuckled merrily at the sight of Dan Chi. “Ole brother Dan Chi, you have to come uphold justice! It was I who invited sage nephew Jiang Chen first, but Family Head Xiang wants to take him away by force! I can’t win against this strong-arming tactic even when I’m in the right! Ole brother Xiang, you’re the older brother. What harm is there in giving way before your younger brother once or twice, hmm?”

Honored Master Tian Ming was renowned for his ability to coax others into acceding to his wishes. These words were clearly a small persuasion for the family head into giving way. They were both sect heads of fourth rank sects, and Tian Ming was already keeping a low enough posture...

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