Chapter 555: Two Heavyweights Fight Over Jiang Chen

Chapter 555: Two Heavyweights Fight Over Jiang Chen

One could obtain the title of a pill king just through passing a couple of tests. But the title of pill emperor was only bestowed on someone after they’d accomplished a remarkable feat or formed their own pill dao school of thought. Only then would they be publicly acclaimed as a pill emperor, and have their name resound beneath the heavens.

“A pill emperor is born only once in a millennia, and even then there are times when millennia can pass without seeing the birth of one. The pill emperor of our time has secluded himself from the world and lives in the Divine Abyss Continent. Or so we think, since we haven’t heard of any rumors about him in our Myriad Domain.” Elder Yun Nie sighed lightly, a shiver in his voice from emotion.

In the Myriad Domain, the Regal Pill Palace was undoubtedly the first amongst the sects when it came to pill dao, and Elder Yun Nie was the undisputed master in the region for pill dao. However, in the greater picture of the entire Myriad Domain, Elder Yun Nie was just an ordinary pill master. He didn’t even have the right to participate in the pill king tests.

“Jiang Chen, in our Regal Pill Palace history, only the first forefather had received the title of pill king. Even...

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