Chapter 554: Pill King, Pill Emperor

Chapter 554: Pill King, Pill Emperor

Jiang Chen didn’t raise any grand wishes, just thirty percent of the profits from the pill. This made Palace Head Dan Chi and Elder Yun Nie both sigh greatly with admiration. The profits brought by the Longevity Pill would be nothing less than spectacular. There wasn’t much difference between Jiang Chen’s actions and just giving away the pill for free.

“Jiang Chen, thirty percent of the profit is much too unfair for you.”

Jiang Chen smiled. “I can indeed harvest wealth if I keep the Longevity Pill to myself, but only I will grow rich from that. If I give it to the Regal Pill Palace, the profits brought about for the sect will be a meritorious achievement that will last for a thousand years. I may not be a saint, but I quite admired what I heard of Palace Head Dan Chi’s great ambitions that day. Although I may not be able to accompany the sect head in heralding in a new era, but at least I can do my own part in bringing it to fruition. Treat the Longevity Pill as my effort towards this endeavor.”

Palace Head Dan Chi’s heart harbored great ambitions to revive the past glories of the Myriad Empire, to re-establish a royal family and unite the Myriad Domain. Jiang Chen hadn’t felt much resonance with such thoughts at first, but after experiencing the Pill Battles...

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