Chapter 553: The Uproar Brought By the Longevity Pill

Chapter 553: The Uproar Brought By the Longevity Pill

Even someone as composed as Dan Chi was visibly moved by those calmly spoken words. He was less than a hundred years old and was in no immediate need of the pill. However, he was knowledgeable enough to immediately understand the value of this pill. He hastily pulled Jiang Chen behind him. “Jiang Chen, there’s no need to speak anymore.”

Beneath the stage, Elder Yun Nie also couldn’t help but shoot to his feet, his expression one of shocked understanding. As one of the pill dao heavyweights of the Myriad Domain, he was even more clear about the pill’s worth than even Palace Head Dan Chi’s. When Jiang Chen spoke of the Longevity Pill, it was as if Elder Yun Nie’s brain had been rocked by an explosion. However, he was immediately struck by the importance of the situation, and instantly regained his calm.

“Old brother Dan Chi, now what are you doing?” The Sacred Elephant family head chuckled. “It’s the first time we’ve all heard of the Longevity Pill, we should take advantage of this opportunity to increase our knowledge.”

Palace Head Dan Chi smiled faintly. “The Pill Battles are over. Since this pill reaches the necessary requirements for the score it was awarded, then it’s in line with the rules of the contest. Nothing else...

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