Chapter 552: The Ultimate Comeback

Chapter 552: The Ultimate Comeback

The rankings for the genius group were quickly calculated. Jiang Chen had actually received 580 points in the fourth round, losing only 20 points in one of the questions regarding the completion of a pill recipe. This way, out of the total 2,000 points possible for four rounds, he’d taken 1,980 points for himself. As the champion of the genius group, he received another 100 points to reach a total of 2,080 points!

It was one thing for Jiang Chen to have such an inordinate score, but Mu Gaoqi had also soared above the rest in the fourth round. He’d lost only sixty points in the fourth round and had tied for second with Ding Tong at 540 points. In this way, his final score was an astonishing 1,790 points. This was second only to Ding Tong’s 1,810 points. In the end, Mu Gaoqi had managed to rank third overall.

Wei Xing’er had come in fourth with 1,720 points, and Wei Qing fifth with 1,710 points. Ling Bi'er was sixth with 1,670 points, and the remaining seventh to tenth spots were divvied up between the disciples of the great sects. Because Shen Qinghong had only made a mediocre showing in the fourth round, he’d barely managed to secure a spot in the top ten, coming in tenth. Wang Han of the Sacred Sword Palace had been the one who’d lost the rat race...

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