Chapter 551: A Proud Walkabout Sect

Chapter 551: A Proud Walkabout Sect

Shen Qinghong heaved an internal sigh of relief when Elder Yun Nie walked over. He was truly feeling a mix of emotions at the moment. He’d indeed felt anger bubble up from within him when Zhu Feiyang and Wang Han were bullying him just now, and Wei Qing had obviously fanned the flames to put him in an uglier spot. But to be honest, he had nothing that he could say to defend himself.

He was inferior to Zhu Feiyang and Wang Han in terms of cultivation level, and below Wei Qing when it came to pill dao scores. If he’d tried to retort, it would’ve only led to greater shame being piled on him. But at that low moment, it’d been Jiang Chen who’d stepped out to rescue him from the situation, successfully attracting the ire of the crowd.

Shen Qinghong had never known what it meant to feel gratitude, but in that moment, he’d finally felt an inkling of that emotion. In times of crisis, it was those from his own sect who’d stepped forward to help him. None of those so-called friends he’d cultivated had come forward at all. It’d been Jiang Chen, the one who’d always been at odds with him, who’d taken a stand for him.

Moreover, it’d been Elder Yun Nie’s appearance at this time that’d scared the group off, someone he equally disliked. After all, Elder Yun...

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