Chapter 550: Verbal Sparring

Chapter 550: Verbal Sparring

The fourth round had a time limit of fifteen days. Of those fifteen days, Jiang Chen had used one to complete the first two sections, and twelve refining the Longevity Pill. In total, he had spent thirteen days completing this round. He’d lost his advantage in speed for this round, as there were at least twenty participants who’d finished before him. However, apart from a few who stood around with noncommittal expressions on their faces, most of them looked a bit dejected.

It was apparent that the difficulty of this section had forced everyone not to perform up to their usual standards. After all, the pursuit of refining pill had never focused on speed, but rather the type of pill and their effects. As such, the first to complete may not necessarily be the best level pill presented. It was up to the judges to decide on the grades of A, B, C and D.

In addition, whether it was the first two sections of completing the pill recipe or deconstructing the pill had been difficult for them as well. No one dared say that they were fully confident in taking home all the points.

Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste the last two days, so he decided to meditate in the competition area. Time was too precious to waste two days...

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