Chapter 548: The Longevity Pill

Chapter 548: The Longevity Pill

Since Jiang Chen recognized this Skyheart Rebirth Pill, he didn’t need to spend too much effort on it anymore. The process of deconstruction was still needed to figure out the ingredients though, since there was the chance that substitute materials may have been used in the making of this particular pill. If he’d simply put down the original ingredients, it may be marked as incorrect. As such, he decided to unravel the pill’s true ingredients by breaking it down to its basic elements.

The analysis and distillation process went relatively smoothly, since he already knew this was the Skyheart Rebirth Pill. When he was done, he was sure that no substitute materials had been used in the making of this pill. Jiang Chen knew that he wasn’t being overly cautious, since this was a pill from the divergent pill faction. Its ever-changing style and peculiar use of ingredients made it a difficult pill to analyze. He had to remain vigilant.

After deciphering the ingredients, Jiang Chen wrote the dozen ingredients down. This segment had been surprisingly easy.

“Heh heh, who would’ve thought that I’d luck out in this section. However, it seems that many will fall in this section. The divergent pill faction’s...

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