Chapter 544: Art of Spirit Reaping

Chapter 544: Art of Spirit Reaping

These fellows who were delighting in the misery of others were also privately observing Palace Head Dan Chi’s reaction. Dan Chi’s expression never flickered from a solemn gaze; he was obviously unsure of what Jiang Chen intended. Thus, they realized that Jiang Chen was absolutely going rogue and this wasn’t something that the Regal Pill Palace had arranged for beforehand. Since it wasn’t a hidden special technique of the Regal Pill Palace, they were now certain that Jiang Chen was trying to cast around for a way forward.

To put it bluntly, they figured he was hoping to get lucky by cultivating all his spirit seeds and picking the best from them. It wasn’t that the results would not be accepted, but the plan had some severe caveats in terms of sufficient space, materials, soil and time. But during a competition, all of the above were limited. Jiang Chen was simply dooming himself with his actions! So what if he was lucky and able to germinate his seeds, would their quality be acceptable then?

With inferior quality lower or mid rank seedlings, his score wouldn’t be that high either. If the top geniuses...

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