Chapter 543: Jiang Chen’s Strange Actions

Chapter 543: Jiang Chen’s Strange Actions

In the instant Jiang Chen had felt Ding Tong’s hostility before the Pill Battles, he’d known that there could be no compromise with him. Ding Tong hadn’t come calling because he truly wanted to recruit Jiang Chen, but rather because he’d realized that it wasn’t possible to surpass Jiang Chen in the Pill Battle Rankings. This was nothing more than an intimidation tactic to scare Jiang Chen into backing out.

Did he think Jiang Chen a three year old child, to be hoodwinked by these kinds of tricks? Nevertheless, Ding Tong’s actions were certainly enough to keep Jiang Chen on his guard. His origin was a complete mystery, and Jiang Chen had enough cause to suspect that he wasn’t actually part of the Tristar Sect. His participation in the Pill Battles was probably part of some unspeakable conspiracy as well. The only thing that remained shrouded was whether Ding Tong was keeping the Tristar Sect in the dark, or were they in on the plan as well?

As far as Jiang Chen could tell, especially with the suspicious behavior Sect Head Zhu had shown, he felt it likely...

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