Chapter 542: Ding Tong Extends an Invitation

Chapter 542: Ding Tong Extends an Invitation

“Hmph, even though Jiang Chen isn’t from the demon race, there’s still something noticeably off about his bloodline. Can’t you see it?” Wei Wuying was still unwilling to accept this outcome.

Wang Jianyu nodded. “Indeed. Although this is the bloodline of the human race, there are some odd components to it. In my eyes, this bloodline is still worthy of investigation.”

The Sacred Ape family head from the Great Cathedral suddenly laughed out loud. “The two of you should stop raising objections just for the sake of opposing the Regal Pill Palace. It’s a very common thing for cultivators to assimilate the bloodlines of various animals. Almost all of the disciples of my Great Cathedral have assimilated similar bloodlines. Are you going to look into each and every single one of them?”

Someone had finally stepped out to speak in defense of fairness. He sighed, “Still, this bloodline is very rare. Even in my eyes, it’s still a very impressive lineage. No wonder Jiang Chen’s potential in pill dao is so high, this bloodline could be the reason why!”

The Sacred Elephant family head also sighed. “You’ve really found a treasure this time, ole brother Dan Chi. Are you willing to give Jiang Chen over to my Great Cathedral? Demand whatever...

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