Chapter 541: Attacked By All Sides

Chapter 541: Attacked By All Sides

“Ole brother Dan Chi, this Jiang Chen is simply too perverse, isn’t he? His level seems beyond what we should have in the Myriad Domain!” Wei Wuying was the first to step forth and start trouble. When he saw that even Wei Xing’er could only hold down third place with such an exemplary display of skill, and Wei Qing could only manage fifth place with his stable performance, he couldn’t accept the situation. Although there were two more rounds to go, who knew if Jiang Chen would still set such a ridiculous standard of performance?

Even though the Regal Pill Palace would still demonstrate a strong overall strength without Jiang Chen, the Walkabout Sect would absolutely have a chance of challenging them then. With Jiang Chen so far in the lead, it didn’t seem as if there was any doubt about the champion of the genius group. The additional fifty points he would receive then would create a further advantage for the Regal Pill Palace in the final rankings of the Pill Battles. The only way for Wei Wuying to prevent this was to step forth and question Jiang Chen.

When Wei Wuying stepped forth, so did Tristar Sect Head Zhu. His ambitions for the champion’s seat was still burning brightly as he smiled. “I also...

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