Chapter 540: Renewed Frenzy

Chapter 540: Renewed Frenzy

In contrast to Jiang Chen’s subtle wariness, in addition to being depressed, Ding Tong was even more shocked after learning of Jiang Chen’s scores. He received full marks! This was completely unacceptable to him! As far as he knew, he’d made only the smallest of errors in the first round that had ultimately prevented him from receiving full marks. The difficulty of the fire control competition had been designed to reach the extreme. The smallest of errors would prevent one from successfully igniting all the flames and receiving full marks.

With the level of skill present in the Myriad Domain, no one would ever hope to receive full marks. Even the other top geniuses of the Myriad Domain had only ignited thirty four flames! There’s something very off about this Jiang Chen! The amount of killing intent in Ding Tong’s heart doubled even as his shock grew.

“No wonder that Palace Head Dan Chi would protect him and the Precious Tree Sect at all costs. His pill dao potential is this perverse! He would be a peak existence even in the Upper Eight Realms! I must kill this person before he has the chance...

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