Chapter 539: Champion of Fire Control

Chapter 539: Champion of Fire Control

As someone who sat as the head of the Walkabout Sect, how could Wei Wuying not see the intricacies of Jiang Chen’s movements? A single look was all it took for him to be enthralled by Jiang Chen’s techniques. Stunning technique, and a flawless rhythm, even Wei Wuying himself might not be able to replicate this process perfectly, let alone all the young geniuses present. The most frightening things was, not only was this Jiang Chen completing everything fluidly, he was far ahead of the others.

As a direct comparison, Wei Xing’er, his hopeful champion with the innate fire constitution was actually quite a ways behind Jiang Chen!

Dan Chi laughed leisurely, “I don’t know about anything else, but the champion of fire control absolutely won’t be coming from your Walkabout Sect today!”

Wei Wuying was speechless, and his gloomy, darkened face became incredibly sinister. 

Another commotion started in a different area. “Everyone, look! That Tristar Sect disciple is actually stronger than even Zhu Feiyang?!”

Everyone looked over after this exclamation. It seemed that the fellow named Ding Tong had a mastery of fire control that allowed him to to exceed Zhu Feiyang’s speed by...

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