Chapter 538: The Pill Battles Begin

Chapter 538: The Pill Battles Begin

“Go Brother Chen! Hahaha, you’ll be rich if you bring home the championship!” Mu Gaoqi was now Jiang Chen’s biggest and most ardent fan. He was completely certain that Jiang Chen would be the ultimate victor.

Ling Bi'er didn’t say anything, but the encouraging look in her eyes was also in obvious support of Jiang Chen seizing the championship.

Elder Yun Nie laughed heartily. “Good, good! Some motivation resulting from the clash and conflict of geniuses isn’t a bad thing either. I’m rather curious, who will eventually grab the seat of champion in this group?”

He was an elder of the Regal Pill Palace after all, so he wasn’t quite at liberty to step out and support Jiang Chen in front of Shen Qinghong. 

The young geniuses were clashing fiercely, but the elders were quite calm and stately. It was apparent that most of the elders thought there to be very little doubt over the champion this year. In the end, the battle would come down to a scarce few. 

The bet of four hundred fifty thousand spirit stones caused all the geniuses who weren’t participating to be quite envious. Those from the fifth rank sects were even more jealous. Born in a fifth rank sect, there was still a difference in...

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