Chapter 537: A Grand Bet

Chapter 537: A Grand Bet

Jiang Chen only needed to take another glance around to know that that person wasn’t Zhu Feiyang. That was because Zhu Feiyang was just like his name, full of good spirits, and similar in bearing to Tristar Sect Head Zhu by his side.[1] Since it wasn’t the Tristar Sect’s top genius, but one with an even more frightening potential than him, this made Jiang Chen even more suspicious.

“His killing intent might be understandable if he admired senior sister Bi’er and was someone she knew, just like Wei Qing. But if this person is someone the senior sister doesn’t know, he’s someone she’s never interacted with before. There’s naturally no talk of love for the senior sister then, so this hostility and killing intent has a different source than Wei Qing’s.”

But apart from matters between men and women, what reason would this person have to hate Jiang Chen?

Jiang Chen mulled over his past again and again. He’d only interacted with the Tristar Sect disciples during the wood spirit spring trip, but no one in the outside world knew of that expedition. Otherwise, Jiang Chen’s murder of Elder Wei Wudao from the Walkabout Sect would’ve absolutely raised a great uproar.

As the...

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