Chapter 535: Femme Fatale?

Chapter 535: Femme Fatale?

That fellow hadn’t received the slightest bit of favor from Ling Bi’er when he’d coaxed and pestered her incessantly with his pursuit before. His desire to conquer Ling Bi’er had only grown increasingly fierce over the years, almost developing into one of his internal demons.

Such was humanity sometimes. The more one couldn’t obtain something, the more they would desire it.

As a genius of the younger generation in the Walkabout Sect, Wei Qing thought very highly of himself with his impressive background. He felt that he was more than a good match for Ling Bi’er. Although she was a genius of the Regal Pill Palace, she didn’t have much of a foundation or a decent backer. But he... he was different. He had extraordinary potential, a powerful background, and was one of the candidates to inherit the Walkabout Sect in the future.

In his eyes, there shouldn’t be any difficulty in him pursuing Ling Bi'er. However, he was different from Shen Qinghong. Although the latter also liked Ling Bi’er, he still had that bit of backbone that made him retain his manners.

Wei Qing was born in the Walkabout Sect, a sect that didn’t care about bearing or demeanor. They were proponents of practicality and only cared about results, never...

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