Chapter 534: Bi’er’s Pursuer

Chapter 534: Bi’er’s Pursuer

Wang Jianyu departed with a flourish and left behind a slightly awkward atmosphere. Palace Head Dan Chi had a faraway expression on his face, a slight curve upturning his lips, obviously wholly unaffected by this kind of provocation. It was rather Shen Qinghong whose darkened face showed how he’d been impacted by this exchange. When he heard that the geniuses of the Sacred Sword Palace had already made it to the sage realm, and saw that he still remained that one step from this advancement, it made him feel quite dejected. Jiang Chen, on the other hand, had come to the silent conclusion that the Sacred Sword Palace and Regal Pill Palace were far from friends. They might even be rivals.

Indeed, Elder Yun Nie spoke lowly, “Relations between the Sacred Sword Palace and our Regal Pill Palace have chilled due to a dispute over a vein of spirit energy a few decades ago. The old palace head had yet to pass on then, and he used the strength of the eighth level sage realm to thoroughly suppress Wang Jianyu to seize the spirit vein.”

So that was what had happened, no wonder Wang Jianyu was so hostile towards them. When the old palace head had passed on, the sect had hastily erected Dan Chi as his successor. Honestly, it’d been slightly forcing Dan Chi...

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