Chapter 533: Provocation of Heavyweights

Chapter 533: Provocation of Heavyweights

Elder Yun Nie had apparently seen Jiang Chen’s confusion as he sent a silent message over. “Jiang Chen, Palace Head Dan Chi took the reins of power when he was less than fifty years old. Now, he is still less than a hundred, and there is no other heavyweight in the Myriad Domain who is at the peak of fifth level sage realm, about to break through to the sixth like he is.”

Jiang Chen understood without Elder Yun Nie’s explanation. His current confusion wasn’t the difference in strength between Palace Head Dan Chi and Honored Mastered Tian Ming, but that he wanted to know what level the other sect heads were at.

In the world of martial dao, different territories, different levels, and different resources would give birth to different levels of geniuses. When Jiang Chen had been in the Eastern Kingdom, becoming a true qi master at the age of twenty was quite a feat. In the Skylaurel Kingdom, it was quite something to be half step spirit realm at twenty years old. In the four great sects, only one who set foot into the earth spirit realm at age twenty was counted as a genius. And in the Regal Pill Palace, one had to break into the origin realm around twenty...

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