Chapter 532: Converging on Mt. Rippling Mirage

Chapter 532: Converging on Mt. Rippling Mirage

A fifty percent guarantee was already incredibly stunning for the Ling sisters.

“Fifty percent?” Ling Hui’er latched onto Jiang Chen’s arm and swung it fiercely. “Then you have to save my papa, senior brother Jiang Chen! Hui’er promises that as long as senior brother tries his best, Hui’er will not forget about the thing that she promised the senior brother that day, whether you succeed or not!”

Jiang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he thought back to the events of that day. Hui’er often voiced incredibly astonishing words despite her young age. Now that she was swinging his arm, the astonishing weapon that was her chest would rub against his arm every time it crossed her body. The incredible springiness of her mounds of flesh kept squeezing Jiang Chen into increasingly dire straits. He flung a plea of help with his eyes towards Ling Bi’er, controlling his mind with effort and preventing himself from reacting physically. If he had that kind of reaction at this kind of time, it would truly be an enormous embarrassment in front of the sisters.

Ling Bi’er pulled Ling Hui’er aside when she saw Jiang Chen thus. “Hui’er, don’t be discourteous....

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