Chapter 530: Fifth Level Origin Realm

Chapter 530: Fifth Level Origin Realm

Thanks to this pair of sisters, one as cold as frost and the other as innocent as a newborn, Jiang Chen was now a bit worse for the wear. He cleared his mind before raising his head with a rueful smile, lifting a foot and preparing to enter closed door cultivation. His ears suddenly twitched as he shot a look towards the dense forest. “Who is it?”

Scattered yet leisurely footsteps sounded from the trees as a slender, pale arm lightly lifted aside a tree branch and revealed a charming figure.

“Miss Huang’er?”

The slender girl was wearing a pale green robe, and her other arm was hooked into a bamboo woven basket. It was obvious that she’d been picking something in the woods.

The current Huang'er was wearing a mask that neatly hid her face. The faint mist of the woods wreathed around her lithe body as if unfurling from her very being, subtly hinting at an ethereal, celestial bearing.

Jiang Chen was stunned. He’d seen everything beneath the heavens in his past life and had made the acquaintance of many wondrous girls in this life as well. The sexy and direct Gouyu, the demure and noble Dan Fei, the gentle and shy Wen Ziqi, the icily removed Ling Bi’er from earlier and the innocent and naive Ling Hui’er...

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