Chapter 529: A Crazy Ling Hui’er

Chapter 529: A Crazy Ling Hui’er

Jiang Chen’s God’s Eye had long caught the hints that Ling Bi’er had betrayed with her reactions. He quickly came to the conclusion that someone related to her was afflicted with the Miasma. He naturally wouldn’t ask who, but anyone who could cause a cold, reserved beauty such as her to lose her composure would absolutely be someone she loved deeply.

Jiang Chen was a smart man and didn’t want to force the situation, so he thought for a bit and nodded. “The Miasma is hard to cure. Ah, to be more accurate, it’s not difficult to cure, but difficult to diagnose. If one can come to a precise diagnosis, then the antidote is not hard to engineer.”

A light flickered in Ling Bi’er’s eyes as her heart was awash with roiling emotions. Indeed, Elder Yun Nie had said something of that nature before, but he hadn’t been this clear about it. He'd only said that he was unable to give a proper diagnosis for the Miasma. If he could, perhaps he could come up with an antidote according to the symptoms.

Although the elder hadn’t been as straightforward as Jiang Chen, their meaning was similar in that this was hard to diagnose. Conversely, there was more hope in being able to come up with a cure if they were able to...

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