Chapter 528: Ling Bi’er’s Trouble

Chapter 528: Ling Bi’er’s Trouble

Jiang Chen’s involuntary glance at Ling Bi’er’s chest when he heard these words almost made her want to faint in shame.

Oh heavens!

She flushed crimson as she suppressed the urge to unsheathe her sword and fall on it. Although Jiang Chen hadn’t meant to act frivolously towards her, and his actions had been a natural reaction to her sister’s words, she still felt like her body had been completely seen through by that look.

Jiang Chen coughed lightly when he saw how awkward the situation was. “Please wait momentarily, I’ll be back with some snacks.”

He was a smart man, and knew that if he didn’t duck out of sight at that moment, Ling Bi’er would be hard pressed to resolve things. She held onto a chair for dear life after Jiang Chen left, slowly patting her chest as she glared at her sister. “Hui’er, do you want to anger your sister to death?”

Ling Hui’er thought nothing of it. “Sister, this senior brother Jiang Chen is too wicked! When a beauty like you comes knocking at his door, that’s such fortune that he’s spent several lifetimes cultivating for! How dare he not give you face! Hmph! This kind of man deserves to be single for his entire life!”

Ling Bi’er was completely...

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