Chapter 527: The Ling Family Sisters

Chapter 527: The Ling Family Sisters

Jiang Chen casually handed over the recipe for the sage rank Nine Magnificence Dew Wine to Palace Head Dan Chi. As for actually crafting the wine himself, when he saw how eager the palace head was to try, Jiang Chen knew that he probably didn’t have to do that himself.

“Haha, Jiang Chen, this recipe is worth cities!” Joy danced on Palace Head Dan Chi’s brows as he became fired up with high spirits.

Jiang Chen teased, “Surely Elder Lian Cheng wouldn’t think so.”

Palace Head Dan Chi laughed heartily when he heard this. “You kid! You make even Elder Lian Cheng the butt of your jokes. However, your words only goes to show that you don’t know Elder Lian Cheng well. He’s the number one alcohol fiend of our Regal Pill Palace. When it comes to drinking wine, the elder will surely be the biggest fan of the saint rank Nine Magnificence Wine. Perhaps he’ll even become your fan after he hears about it.”

Jiang Chen hastily said, “Palace Head, this recipe is just a small thing, please don’t out me. The glorious results from this kind of achievement is only appropriate when attributed to you, Palace Head.”

It wasn’t that he didn’t want the credit to his name, but...

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