Chapter 525: Assimilating the Golden Cicada’s Bloodline

Chapter 525: Assimilating the Golden Cicada’s Bloodline

It actually wasn’t that Jiang Chen didn’t want Fatty Lu to get his hands dirty, because to be honest, as the hallmaster, he was certain to be more skilled than Jiang Chen in the area of refining items. The reason Jiang Chen decided to do it himself in the end was while he had been familiar with refining in his past life, he’d rarely had a chance to practice in this life. If he had a few chances for practical application, he’d be a first rate refiner, if not a top master refiner. Also, something like refining a formation flag was best done personally. Even if he could, he wouldn’t be at ease handing it over to anyone else either. It was a good thing that he’d received more than enough aubergine gold from Elder Lian Cheng, so he had the materials to waste if need be.

He successfully refined the required thirty six formation flags after seven days. He’d actually refined more than fifty, but he wasn’t quite satisfied with the initial ones and destroyed them all. The ones who remained were the finest of his creations.

With the formation flags completed, Jiang Chen didn’t linger and prepared to leave the Hall of Refinement.

Fatty Lu made several...

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