Chapter 524: Formation Preparations

Chapter 524: Formation Preparations

The various matches that Jiang Chen had accepted in the ring had already brought in thirty thousand spirit stones for Jiang Chen. The five thousand each from Palace Head Dan Chi and Elder Yun Nie made for ten thousand. Elder Lian Cheng had sent over another ten thousand, and Jiang Chen had fleeced another ten thousand from the fat target that was Shen Qinghong when they tied. Add all that to Jiang Chen’s store of spirit stores brought him to a sum total of close to sixty thousand upper rank origin spirit stones—a full threefold increase over his original expectations.

“These sixty thousand stones can power fifty to sixty percent of the formation. Once it’s set up properly, it can be maintained for ten years.” Jiang Chen made a couple of quick mental calculations. According to his initial plan, roughly twenty thousand stones would’ve been enough for thirty percent of the formation. There was great hope for sixty thousand stones to bring forth fifty to sixty percent of its power.

“When it comes to formations, naturally the more powerful the better. If I can activate all of the power behind the Nine Gates Formation, then even...

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