Chapter 523: The Authority After One Battle

Chapter 523: The Authority After One Battle

Although Shen Qinghong left in a heroic manner, inwardly he was utterly shellshocked. When he calmed down and reflected over the battle, he felt like there were too many suspicious points. But, he couldn’t pinpoint anything in particular. The whole match had just felt... eerie. How likely was it to finish refining a pill at the same time? Yet, it had happened in this match!

Shen Qinghong would never believe that Jiang Chen had purposefully thrown the match in his favor. But no matter what, Shen Qinghong was certain that Jiang Chen’s pill dao potential was absolutely not inferior his, but was possibly greater. This was because he’d more or less obtained what he wanted with the least expense possible in refining the Aeonian Dream Pill. He’d refined this pill before, but it was Jiang Chen’s first time coming in contact with it.

It was because he had come to those conclusions that Shen Qinghong had left without a fuss. He knew that taking the easy way out was the best way to handle the situation given what had happened. Continued entanglement would just invite humiliation upon himself. He also felt it odd when...

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