Chapter 522: The Utmost Pill Battle (II)

Chapter 522: The Utmost Pill Battle (II)

Both of them had nine sets of ingredients. This Aeonian Dream Pill wasn’t that obscure a pill recipe. It was primarily used to temper consciousness and strength of heart. Alternatively, if one’s consciousness was damaged from an attack of the mind or soul, one could use the Aeonian Dream Pill to aid in recovery.

However, it was a highly difficult pill to successfully refine. It required a very precise refining method. As a result, no one had been able to refine a supreme rank version of the pill thus far in the Regal Pill Palace. Apart from a few pill masters such as Elder Yun Nie, there were few who could even manage an upper rank version.

The two had an hour to familiarize themselves with the recipe and to consider how to refine it. For a pill masters, this was necessary preparation time. Jiang Chen had never refined it before, so he was at a disadvantage. Since it was Shen Qinghong’s recipe, he must have given it a go before. His confident smile also betrayed that fact.

Shen Qinghong let out a long peal of laughter after...

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