Chapter 520: Demanding A High Price

 Chapter 520: Demanding A High Price

“Can I really propose any condition?” Jiang Chen chuckled, an utterly innocent and harmless expression on his face.

Palace Head Dan Chi smiled. “Jiang Chen, if you take down the ring, it’ll be you who’s making a sacrifice. It’s fine for you to have some conditions. The sect clearly delineates between punishment and reward. Of course we can’t sacrifice your benefits for the sake of others.”

“Alright then, a poor person like me has bigger priorities than fighting over pride. Solid, tangible benefits are much more important.” Jiang Chen spoke in an accommodating tone. “Then this disciple will be so bold as to make his requests. Ten thousand upper rank origin spirit stones, fifty kilograms of aubergine gold[1], fifty kilograms of starcloud dust, and fifty kilograms of vermilion cinnabar. Mm, if Elder Lian Cheng has any upper rank Origin Fostering Pills, please bestow a couple thousand of them as well. This junior won’t mind at all.”

To any of the younger generation, this kind of price would’ve absolutely been a heavy fleecing. But to the three heavyweights, even though the amount wasn’t that little, it wouldn’t stretch their coffers too much...

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