Chapter 519: An Opportunity to Get Rich Comes Knocking

Chapter 519: An Opportunity to Get Rich Comes Knocking

“Please agree, honored master!” Shen Qinghong dropped to one knee as his voice grew determined. “This challenge weighs on my heart like a knot. Whether or not I win, I will immediately enter closed door cultivation and break through to the sage realm in one go.”

Elder Lian Cheng sighed lightly. To begin with, he doubted that Shen Qinghong would have any issues in breaking through to the sage realm, but the elder really didn’t want him to challenge Jiang Chen. At this moment, his disciple’s thoughts about Jiang Chen were simply a matter of pride. But a loss here would cement the event as Shen Qinghong’s humiliation and cause his heart to become clouded with hate.

Even if Shen Qinghong broke through to the sage realm, his dao heart would be tainted by this hate. This would just be disadvantageous for Shen Qinghong in the long run.

Elder Lian Cheng had high expectations for Shen Qinghong’s heights in martial dao. He even felt that his disciple had a bit of hope of assailing the emperor realm. Even if he had no idea how big this hope was, having the sliver of one was better than none. But if Shen Qinghong was caught up in other things, then he would find it hard to concentrate on the path of martial dao. Failure to concentrate on his martial path would cause his hope for emperor realm to vanish.

Yet, when he saw how resolute Shen Qinghong was, Elder Lian Cheng knew there was no stopping his disciple. “Fine. Qinghong, this is your choice. Here is the Skypeak Cauldron, take it.” Elder Lian Cheng took out the cauldron.

“Many thanks to the honored master!” Shen Qinghong was delighted.

Elder Jin Gu also displayed a happy expression. “Old brother Lian Cheng, you chose to support your disciple after all! If Qinghong wins over that Jiang Chen, then he will no longer have any opponents in the arena of pill dao in the younger generation.”

Elder Lian Cheng waved his hand. “Qinghong, you and I have had the destiny to be master and disciple. In that stead, I give you one piece of advice. Think less of gains and losses, and lesser of victory and defeat. If you are able to do so, then regardless of the final result, you will have obtained something from the match. Go ahead. Be well.” The elder waved his hand after speaking. “You are dismissed.”

Elder Jin Gu took Shen Qinghong away with him when he saw Elder Lian Cheng’s gesture. As they departed, Shen Qinghong spoke up.

“Grandfather, honored master seems to disapprove of me fighting Jiang Chen?” Shen Qinghong still very much respected Elder Lian Cheng.

Elder Jin Gu smiled. “He’s the Hallmaster of the Hall of Might. He’s naturally not happy if you choose to compete with others on the basis of pill dao. Pay no heed to any of it anymore. If you can suppress Jiang Chen, you will remain the king in the Sovereign Area in the future. Whether it be Jun Mobai or Ling Bi’er, none of them will be able to contend against you in the future.”

“Your grandson will do his best.” Shen Qinghong travelled rapidly back to the Rosy Valley after taking his leave of Elder Jin Gu.

When Elder Lian Cheng saw Elder Jin Gu and Shen Qinghong leave together, a trace of pity glittered in his eyes. It was obvious that he didn’t think much of this fight against Jiang Chen at all. He thought for a moment and sighed. “Ah, alright then. Qinghong is still my disciple. Let me take a trip on his behalf and see if this matter can be salvaged.” He’d already risen to his feet as he murmured to himself, and walked outside.

Elder Lian Cheng arrived in Dan Chi’s residence before too long had passed.

“Haha, what wind blows Elder Lian Cheng by?” Palace Head Dan Chi was slightly surprised to see who’d come knocking.

Elder Lian Cheng didn’t hide anything as he sighed wryly. “It shames me to speak of it, but I’m here on behalf of my good-for-nothing disciple, Shen Qinghong.”

“Oh? What makes you say that?” Palace Head Dan Chi wasn’t sure what was going on.

“This kid and Jiang Chen are keeping themselves busy being hostile to each other in Rosy Valley. This old man is here this time to see if there’s any room to maneuver. When two tigers fight, one is certain to be hurt. To our Regal Pill Palace, it might not be a good thing for geniuses to overly clash. Palace Head, I’m here with a thick face to request that you make an appearance and see if you can convince Jiang Chen to take down the ring?”

Palace Head Dan Chi laughed lightly and personally handed a cup of tea over. “Have some tea, Elder Lian Cheng. It is indeed inappropriate for the young to go overboard in a matter of pride. However, so many things have happened in the past month that have greatly affected Jiang Chen and Mu Gaoqi’s reputation. Some of the ill winds have even blown onto me and Elder Yun Nie. Elder Lian Cheng, I’ll be frank. The situation’s a bit difficult to have me step out and convince Jiang Chen to take down the ring, and it is similarly difficult for him to stop as well. After all, you didn’t prevent this from happening when the situation could’ve been controlled.”

“Yes, indeed, I’ve been remiss in this matter.” Elder Lian Cheng quite clearly blamed himself. “I hold great responsibility in how this matter developed. If I could’ve stopped this matter earlier, it might not have grown to this point. Jiang Chen’s actions are born out of his frustrated anger. I can understand that well.”

Dan Chi was silent for a moment and said, “Elder Lian Cheng, you and Elder Jin Gu both highly favor Shen Qinghong. Why are you opposed to him contending with Jiang Chen this time?”

Elder Lian Cheng smiled ruefully. “Palace Head, it’s because I know Qinghong well that I anticipate he has no chances of winning at all.”

“Oh?” Palace Head Dan Chi smiled. “If I guess correctly, Elder Jin Gu must not be holding the same views?”

“Ai.” Elder Lian Cheng sighed. “It’s precisely because Elder Jin Gu doesn’t think so and insists on traveling down this path that he has brought Qinghong to this step. Palace Head, I’m setting aside my face only in the hopes that you will think of the greater picture of the sect, and see if you can convince Jiang Chen to take down the ring.”

Palace Head Dan Chi smiled faintly. “Shen Qinghong is overbearing and threatening. The only thing he wishes to do is fight. If I have Jiang Chen take down the ring, I'm afraid that with the temperament of a young man, they will both be unable to accept this outcome.”

Elder Lian Cheng laughed in extreme ruefulness. “Must we damage one in the fight between two tigers? Qinghong’s martial dao potential is extraordinary, and he is the greatest hope to spread the name and glory of our Regal Pill Palace in the Myriad Grand Ceremony. If he is injured over this, then it is a blow to our sect as well!”

Palace Head Dan Chi might’ve agreed with these words before Jiang Chen’s appearance. But now, he didn’t feel that Shen Qinghong was the sect’s only hope in the Grand Ceremony.

However, the greater picture was important, so the palace head nodded. “Elder Lian Cheng, you would surely think that I didn’t try my hardest in convincing him if I went alone. Why don’t the two of us, and Elder Yun Nie, go together? If Jiang Chen can take a step back and let it all dissolve, I would be happy to see this outcome as well as you.”


Jiang Chen had received no end of challengers since he’d set up his ring. But now, he’d already gathered all the spirit stones he needed.

“Brother Chen, after Shen Trifire’s defeat, unless senior sister Ling Bi’er herself comes to challenge you, I’m afraid no one else will dare come anymore.” Mu Gaoqi smiled.

Jiang Chen was about to respond when his expression suddenly flickered. The light of his God’s Eye sparkled rapidly as he looked to the skies. “Important personages are coming!”

“Jiang Chen, open the restrictions around your residence. I, Elder Lian Cheng and Elder Yun Nie have come to visit.” A message descended from the skies.

Jiang Chen was slightly surprised and passed down his orders. “Open the residence, it’s the Palace Head and two venerated elders!” He welcomed the three heavyweights who held the greatest authority in the sect into the guest side-palace a moment later, and also took out his remaining flasks of Nine Magnificence Dew Wine without hesitation.

The fragrance from the wine instantly drifted through the air.

“Hmm? It’s the Nine Magnificence Dew Wine?” Elder Lian Cheng’s nose twitched slightly. “I’ve heard that the Walkabout Sect is skilled at making this wine, but to think that the sixteen kingdom alliance possesses this wine as well?”

Although Dan Chi and Yun Nie weren’t those who lusted after the delights in a cup, they had more or less dipped their fingers into the topic of alcohol. After all, when wine was infused with spirit herbs, it was both a pleasure and a way of nourishment for cultivators.

“This disciple is seized with fear at the combined arrival of the three great ones. How could I not take out some of my best wine in flattery?” Jiang Chen said half jokingly, completely at ease even at the arrival of these distinguished guests. These three were the three most powerful people in the Regal Pill Palace.

“Jiang Chen, I’ve never liked to beat around the bush.” Dan Chi set down a cup of old vines. “Elder Lian Cheng has come to find me this time representing Shen Qinghong in reconciling the two of you. He wishes for you to take down the ring. We won’t force you to either way; we’ve just come to ask if this possibility exists.”

The slight smile of Jiang Chen’s face suddenly froze. “You are the elders of the sect, and logically speaking, Jiang Chen should follow your words. However, the flying rumors of the past month have slathered me with mud. If I take down the ring, it will only perpetuate the slander and leave the outside world to speculate that I actually do not live up to my reputation, that I’ve made it into the Sovereign Area and obtained the Pill Battle slot only through connections. All three of you are elders who have high morals. You all should understand this disciple’s awkward situation?”

Palace Head Dan Chi and Elder Yun Nie both looked at Elder Lian Cheng to see what he would say. After all, Jiang Chen spoke the truth. Taking down the ring would tell the outside world that he had a guilty conscience. This was simply too much to ask of him!

“Jiang Chen, even Shen Trifire has been unable to triumph over you in the past couple of days. That has already indirectly dispelled the rumors from the outside world. Of course, it’s easy to understand the rage in your heart at being slandered. If I wasn’t Shen Qinghong’s martial dao master, I would’ve never made this request.” Elder Lian Cheng’s attitude was quite sincere. “To be frank, Shen Qinghong has borrowed the Skypeak Cauldron from me to battle it out with your Skyweave Cauldron. The battle between the five divine cauldrons of the Regal Pill Palace will surely be written into official history. I also know that Shen Qinghong has almost no chance of winning. This is why I’ve come with a thick face to ask you to take down the ring. It is indeed somewhat unfair to you, and I’m not an unreasonable person. Let me know whatever conditions you have for taking down the ring.”

When Jiang Chen saw that Elder Lian Cheng wasn’t suppressing him in a dominating manner, he knew that the elder was wary of the palace head and Elder Yun Nie. To be honest, Jiang Chen wasn’t much interested in slapping Shen Qinghong’s face. His interest solely lay in spirit stones and resources. Now that the palace head and Elder Yun Nie had come, although they didn’t say anything outright, it was apparent that they too wished for things to be minimized. As for why? Naturally it was for the greater picture of the sect.

Jiang Chen wasn’t a miserly person. It had been a conflict of pride up to this point and hadn’t yet developed to a death feud. It wasn’t impossible for him to take a step back and take down the ring.

Of course, the caveat was that it had to be worth his while. If he didn’t receive enough benefits, it would be impossible for him to voluntarily take a step back and forgive the other’s provocation.

Judging from Elder Lian Cheng’s words, the elder was willing to be fleeced on Shen Qinghong’s behalf if Jiang Chen stepped down. This is a rare opportunity to get rich that’s come knocking! Jiang Chen was immensely tempted.

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