Chapter 519: An Opportunity to Get Rich Comes Knocking

Chapter 519: An Opportunity to Get Rich Comes Knocking

“Please agree, honored master!” Shen Qinghong dropped to one knee as his voice grew determined. “This challenge weighs on my heart like a knot. Whether or not I win, I will immediately enter closed door cultivation and break through to the sage realm in one go.”

Elder Lian Cheng sighed lightly. To begin with, he doubted that Shen Qinghong would have any issues in breaking through to the sage realm, but the elder really didn’t want him to challenge Jiang Chen. At this moment, his disciple’s thoughts about Jiang Chen were simply a matter of pride. But a loss here would cement the event as Shen Qinghong’s humiliation and cause his heart to become clouded with hate.

Even if Shen Qinghong broke through to the sage realm, his dao heart would be tainted by this hate. This would just be disadvantageous for Shen Qinghong in the long run.

Elder Lian Cheng had high expectations for Shen Qinghong’s heights in martial dao. He even felt that his disciple had a bit of hope of assailing the emperor realm. Even if he had no idea how big this hope was, having the sliver of one was better than none. But if Shen Qinghong was caught up in other things, then he would find it hard to concentrate...

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