Chapter 518: Elder Lian Cheng

Chapter 518: Elder Lian Cheng

Shen Qinghong’s face was as cold as permafrost as the temperature dropping several degrees around him. Shen Trifire’s actions had obviously enraged him. He had never imagined that Shen Trifire would take his spirit stones to challenge Jiang Chen and then just enter closed door cultivation without another word.

“That trash must’ve lost!” Nie Chong took the opportunity to add fuel to the flame.

Shen Trifire’s actions had caught the entire Shen Qinghong group on the back foot. Multiple people had gone to challenge Jiang Chen and failed in the attempt. If they let this go and didn’t continue to challenge Jiang Chen, then all their momentum, all their previous plans and carefully created slander, would go down as a pitiful whimper. Instead, all it would serve would be prime marketing service for Jiang Chen!

On the other hand, who would be their next challenger when even Shen Trifire had failed? Rong Zifeng? Nie Chong?

These two were Shen Qinghong’s strongest confidantes, but their pill dao potential wasn’t necessarily stronger than Shen Trifire. Then, who would go? Shen Qinghong himself?

Shen Qinghong rather wanted to, but reason told him that he had to be exceedingly cautious before making any decision....

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