Chapter 517: Shen Trifire Bows in Defeat

Chapter 517: Shen Trifire Bows in Defeat

One had to say, Shen Trifire was destined for a tragic outcome if he wanted to compete with Jiang Chen with pill recipes. Even if one searched through every nook and cranny of the Divine Continent, one wouldn’t be able to find someone on the same level as Jiang Chen in pill dao.

Jiang Chen’s mind ran swiftly through a variety of obscure, unpopular pill recipes. He selected one at random, making down two copies and obscuring three supplemental ingredients from one of them.

Shen Trifire had obviously come prepared. He also had an exceedingly obscure pill recipe in hand, one he’d obtained from one of the sect elders. This pill wasn’t an ordinary pill at all, and its application was rather odd as well. It followed an obscure offshoot on the path of divergent pills. A hint of a cold smile played about Shen Trifire’s lips when he was finished preparing his recipe. If Jiang Chen could decipher this recipe, then he was a genius indeed.

When the two were finished with their preparations, they both swore using the heavens as witness that they weren’t using a fake recipe to cheat. When they finished their oaths, they traded their recipes with each other.

Jiang Chen...

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