Chapter 516: Jiang Chen’s Amazing Arts

Chapter 516: Jiang Chen’s Amazing Arts

Shen Anyang grit his teeth and took out three thousand upper rank origin spirit stones, placing it on the table.

Jiang Chen’s expression at the sight of the three thousand stones could only be compared to the merrily beaming face of a landlord or an old moneybags with eyes filled with treasure. “Very good! Shen Trifire, anyone willing to be a bearer of gifts is an honored guest of my residence. Tell me, shall we drink first or cut straight to the chase?”

The more relaxed Jiang Chen’s tone was, the greater Shen Anyang’s ire grew. This Jiang Chen looks too much like a poser. He’s just a foreign kid, and he’s only made it to the Sovereign Area through sheer luck. How dare he put himself on such a high pedestal in front of a member of the Sovereign Area’s old guard? This irked Shen Anyang to no end.

He felt that Jiang Chen was purposefully playing at being relaxed and putting on airs. This would only make sense if their roles were reversed! It’d always been the senior playing up his glory in front of the junior disciples; when had it ever been a junior strutting in front of a senior brother?

“Jiang Chen, I have no interest in drinking with you. Stop dilly-dallying around. I’m...

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