Chapter 515: The Dao of Wealth

Chapter 515: The Dao of Wealth

“What? Jiang Chen is willing to accept challenges?”

“Tsk tsk, this kid hasn’t set foot outside for a month. Was he in closed door cultivation to train in pills and pray for emergency help at Buddha’s feet?”

“Very likely! Elder Yun Nie must’ve put him through special training during this month!”

“Tsk tsk, whoever triumphs over him can have a Pill Battle slot. Looks like I should look into whether I want to challenge him or not!”

“Do you have a thousand upper rank origin spirit stones to spare?”

“Ai, looks like it’s a game for the rich.”

As conversations about Jiang Chen’s proclamation started to overtake Rosy Valley, many people started to hatch their own schemes. Evidently, the allure of a Pill Battle spot was hard to resist. But the thousand upper rank origin stones was a severe entry barrier, so much so that people felt lacking in strength even when they had the heart. It was impossible for one to possess such wealth if one wasn’t born of a wealthy family in the Regal Pill Palace.

In Dan Chi’s residence, Palace Head Dan Chi and Elder Yun Nie were casually chatting, their expressions relaxed.

“Palace Head, where on earth did you find such an impressive genius? It’s...

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