Chapter 514: A Dominating Proclamation

Chapter 514: A Dominating Proclamation

After coming to an agreement with the Cicada, Jiang Chen decided to officially let the Cicada bathe in the spring ten days later. Apart from agreeing to follow Jiang Chen, the Cicada had to offer up one drop of blood after its bloodline underwent evolution.

Even though it was just a single drop of blood, if the droplet was one refined from an ancient bloodline, it would copy all of the Cicada’s memories and heritage. That would be enough to obtain most of its talents.

Jiang Chen was rather excited as he thought of all the talents the Cicada had. The wings would allow him to refine shapeless wings and soar through the air. This was something only sage realm experts would be able to do! If he obtained this flight skill, it would be an even more stable ability than the sage realm’s flight skill. After all, there were all sorts of restrictions to flight in the sage realm. Only when one reached the sky sage level would one be able to make full use of their own strength to glide through the air. But even so, such flight was still inferior to truly possessing wings.

After all, the flight of human cultivators were often supported by spirit energy. It made...

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