Chapter 514: A Dominating Proclamation

Chapter 514: A Dominating Proclamation

After coming to an agreement with the Cicada, Jiang Chen decided to officially let the Cicada bathe in the spring ten days later. Apart from agreeing to follow Jiang Chen, the Cicada had to offer up one drop of blood after its bloodline underwent evolution.

Even though it was just a single drop of blood, if the droplet was one refined from an ancient bloodline, it would copy all of the Cicada’s memories and heritage. That would be enough to obtain most of its talents.

Jiang Chen was rather excited as he thought of all the talents the Cicada had. The wings would allow him to refine shapeless wings and soar through the air. This was something only sage realm experts would be able to do! If he obtained this flight skill, it would be an even more stable ability than the sage realm’s flight skill. After all, there were all sorts of restrictions to flight in the sage realm. Only when one reached the sky sage level would one be able to make full use of their own strength to glide through the air. But even so, such flight was still inferior to truly possessing wings.

After all, the flight of human cultivators were often supported by spirit energy. It made heavy demands on the amount of energy from the body and consumed quite a bit of the body’s resources. Even the strongest expert couldn’t remain indefinitely afloat, whereas having wings meant that flying was a type of instinct, an art. There was no need to consume an enormous amount of spirit power to maintain it.

That was the advantage.

Apart from the Cicada’s wings, there was also its Cicada’s Counterfeit art in the Cicada’s Shell. This was tantamount to an extra life to a cultivator. Moreover, the bloodline of an ancient Golden Cicada was impervious to a multitude of poisons and impenetrable even when hammered by ten thousand strikes of lightning. This was the stuff of dreams for a cultivator. If any cultivator possessed even two of these gifts, they would become a top genius in any great sect.

However, Jiang Chen’s goal wasn’t to become a top genius in just the Profound Continent, but to become an existence that stood at the peak of this world and on the boundless heavenly dao. Therefore, he wouldn’t let go of any opportunity to strengthen himself.

He had many techniques to wield now. “God’s Eye”, “Ear of the Zephyr”, “Boulder’s Heart”, and “Psychic’s Head” were all improving steadily. The power of “Supernova Point” had also explosively increased after he’d broken through to the origin realm. The power of the Evil Golden Eye was one that always increased with the cultivator’s level, and Jiang Chen felt that there was still much potential hidden within this eye art.

Apart from an immense immobilizing ability, the Evil Golden Eye could also counter many other eye arts. Yet, Jiang Chen felt that this was far from enough. There were many uses for such arts. One could use it to entrance an opponent, or put an opponent under compulsion, or even destroy another’s consciousness. The more one studied the various arts of the eyes, the more incredible they became. One look could disturb the clouds in the sky, and one glance could topple mountains.

But of course, these wouldn’t be accomplished in a day. Apart from the Evil Golden Eye, Jiang Chen had also trained the “Nine Transformations of Demons and Gods” to the fifth level, to the point where it was refining his inner energy. He’d been unable to break through this stage.

Well, frankly, it wasn’t that he couldn’t, but that he didn’t want to at present. This art’s fifth level was a crucial turning point. Everything prior to the fifth level was a foundation for what the art could truly blossom into, an advanced art.

The most ideal situation for refining inner energy was to proceed with all five elements.[1] That meant one would refine the energies of the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth all at the same time at the same pacing.

Jiang Chen currently had the Lotus representing the fire and water attributes, and the magnetic golden mountain for metal. Thanks to his baptism in the wood spirit spring, his inner wood attribute potential had greatly increased as well. The only thing he lacked was a fortuitous occurrence with the earth attribute. Once he collected a source of that power as well, then he’d truly be able to proceed with all five elements. If he could reach this most ideal state, then his momentum in advancing through this art in the future would be unstoppable.

It was because of this that Jiang Chen wasn’t in a rush to break through to the fifth level. Even if he had to wait, he wouldn’t give up on the earth element. The “Nine Transformations” wasn’t something that could be completed in a night either.

It was actually the first two techniques Jiang Chen had started training, “Vast Ocean Current Splitter” and “Divine Aeons Fist”, that were beginning to fade away. Although these techniques were not bad, they were starting to fall behind as his opponents grew stronger.

“The ‘Vast Ocean Current Splitter’ has fully displayed its brilliance in the way of the blade, but it isn’t the pinnacle of its path. Yet, I cannot give this path up.” Jiang Chen toyed with the nameless saber in one hand. It looked so simple at a glance, so humble that it gave one a feeling of not having the slightest edge at all. Yet, he knew that this was an extraordinary blade. What Jiang Chen didn’t understand was how such a mysterious blade ended up in a small place like the Eastern Kingdom? And the most intriguing thing was that it had lain in the warehouse of a corrupt official, unused by anyone, as if a bright pearl hidden in a pile of sand with its light completely obscured.

Jiang Chen was mulling over this strange event when a message glyph broke his train of thought. “Young master, we have completed our baptism.”

Jiang Chen rose and walked out of the secret chamber. When he saw his retainers, all were glowing with health and vigor. They each exuded a presence that spoke of them casting off their old selves. Tang Hong in particular had broken through to the origin realm!

Lordmaster Ye Chonglou had also charged to the peak of the minor origin realm as well, and was only one step away from the earth origin realm. Gouyu was a spirit king now, and was only separated from the origin realm by a thin piece of paper that could be poked through at any time. Xue Tong’s cultivation level was also at the peak of the ninth level spirit realm. Although he was one step away from Gouyu, it was only a matter of time before he broke through to the origin realm. Qiao Shan and Qiao Chuan had both entered the sky spirit realm as well. The changes were exceedingly stunning.

Even a sage realm cultivator would be thoroughly remolded in the wood spirit spring, let alone spirit realm cultivators. The lower one’s cultivation level was, the greater the benefits, and the higher the level they’d break through.

“Good, it looks like you guys haven’t disappointed me. If you maintain this momentum, it’ll be enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with the core disciples in the sect.” Jiang Chen was in a great mood. These people had followed him all the way from the Eastern Kingdom, and he naturally needed to make preparations for their respective futures.

“Miss Huang’er, it looks like the wood spirit spring does indeed have some purifying effects on the Hundred Generations Curse. I see that the bad luck about you seems to have greatly dimmed. It appears that I can be at ease. You can live here peacefully before Elder Shun finds the Requiem Wood.”

Huang'er nodded softly, her voice ethereal as she expressed her thanks. “It’s many thanks to Sir Jiang’s for offering shelter.”

Jiang Chen smiled. “I’m rather fearful now that Miss Huang'er has said so. You are a part of the family here. How could this be considered offering shelter?”

Gouyu giggled and enfolded Huang’er’s arm with hers. “In my eyes, since younger sister Huang'er is family, you’ll just live here in the future!”

“Mm! Younger sister Huang’er, we’ll have company here if you stay!” Wen Ziqi overcome her bashful nature in a rare moment of speech.

Huang'er was quite touched. If she could choose, she would truly want to stay here and just live with everyone in this simple and happy lifestyle.

“Lordmaster, Tang Hong, my residence has a radius of fifty kilometers. Even a couple thousand people taking up residence wouldn’t find it crowded. Why don’t you stay here for now and think about leaving when you’ve consolidated your strength?”

Tang Hong chuckled loudly, obviously having the same thoughts. “Boss, I plan on mooching off you here until I break through to the origin realm!”

The Sovereign Area was filled with abundant spirit energy, and it wasn’t at all comparable to Mt. Great Drum, the area reserved for the sect’s inner disciples.

After he settled the group in, Jiang Chen did some rough calculations, and realized that almost a month had passed. He hadn’t set foot outside his doors for almost a month now. He had neither inquired about or listened any of the matters outside of the residence. He had rejected all the guests, no matter who they were, and hadn’t even opened his doors. Therefore, he had no idea just how crazily the rumors in the outside world had spread.

Since he’d spent a month behind closed doors, the outside world had speculated without limit and felt that he was utterly undeserving of his reputation. They felt that he’d retracted his head into his shell ever since obtaining the Sovereign Area residence and didn't dare come out to meet people.

Not only did people suspect that there was someone helping him cheat his way to a spot in the Pill Battles, but even that his residence had been won unfairly. These speculations had only been circulating in a small circle, but gained substance in the face of Jiang Chen refusing to set foot outside.

It was said that three people spreading reports of a tiger could make the world believe in the tiger’s existence. When it came to rumors, the longer and greater they spread, and the more delayed the subject’s reaction to step out and correct them, the more it would be construed as truth. Apart from being aimed at Jiang Chen, it was very obvious that they were also pointing at Elder Yun Nie, and judging from how it was spreading, it might embroil Palace Head Dan Chi as well.

The Palace Head had brought in Jiang Chen, so suspecting Jiang Chen meant suspecting the Palace Head. On the other hand, Mu Gaoqi had done his best to suppress his emotions and continue practicing “Boulder’s Heart” to consolidate his strength of heart. Still, he was still a bit antsy about the rumors. He felt that it was high time to step out, but Elder Yun Nie always lectured and warned him to learn from Jiang Chen, to ignore the disturbances of the outside world.

However, on that day, the doors to Jiang Chen’s residence were suddenly thrown open as a heaven-battering proclamation was made.

“If anyone in the Rosy Valley cannot accept the glory and position that I, Jiang Chen, possess here, you can bring forth a thousand upper rank origin spirit stones and commence a battle of pill dao with me in my residence. No matter who comes, as long as they bring the proper amount of spirit stones, I will meet them in battle. Whoever triumphs over me will gain both the Pill Battle spot and the Sovereign Area residence.”

This proclamation instantly demolished the tide of questioning like a great ball of explosives.

Wasn’t it Jiang Chen who was afraid of facing the speculations? Wasn’t Jiang Chen running from reality?

But now, Jiang Chen had stepped forth!

Whoever didn’t accept this situation could come challenge him, but they had to bring forth a thousand upper rank origin spirit stones. What did this mean?

Too obvious!

I don’t have that much time to waste, so pay up if you want to fight me!

  1. Also a Buddhist belief that each element corresponded to one particular organ. Only through cultivation of each and other practices would one reach the highest plane of existence.

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