Chapter 513: Tempting the Ancient Cicada

Chapter 513: Tempting the Ancient Cicada

“Be calm, Gaoqi.” Jiang Chen smiled faintly as he completely dismissed the rumors. “I only ask you this, is your innate wood constitution of high order pure fabrication?”

Mu Gaoqi shook his head. “Of course not.”

“And did you cheat your way into winning your Sovereign Area residence?”

“Of course not.”

Jiang Chen laughed heartily. “Then what are you worried about? A wise man does not believe every rumor that comes flying by. As long as you stay confident, what do you care if they circulate random falsehoods?”

Mu Gaoqi scratched his head. He truly admired Jiang Chen’s ability to keep calm in any situation. He could tell that his Brother Chen truly wasn’t panicked, and that was why he wasn't all afluster.

“Brother Chen, I’m different from you. I still haven’t trained enough in strength of heart. Ai, I’m worried that they’ll make a move against my honored master.” Mu Gaoqi greatly venerated Elder Yun Nie.

“Is Elder Yun Nie worried about this?” Jiang Chen laughed.

“My honored master lives happily everyday and couldn’t care less about rumors in the outside world. His attitude is rather similar to yours, Brother Chen. But these scum have no reservations...

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