Chapter 512: Handing Out the Wood Spirit Spring

Chapter 512: Handing Out the Wood Spirit Spring

“Junior brother Jiang Chen, please wait a moment.” Jiang Chen and Mu Gaoqi had yet to depart from Shen Qinghong’s residence when they heard Jun Mobai calling out to them from behind.

Jiang Chen paused briefly. “What insights does senior brother Jun have to impart?”

“Heh heh, junior brother Jiang Chen’s words today have convinced me that I’ve finally found someone who lives on my wavelength. My residence isn’t far from here. How about coming over to my place for a drink?” Jun Mobai was careful to remain extremely polite as he smiled at the two. The overall effect was one of refinement and nobility.

However, Jiang Chen still declined. “My interest has been sapped for today. If there is a chance to in the future, let me treat senior brother Jun instead.”

Ling Bi’er had also emerged from the residence at this moment, but stopped roughly three hundred meters away from them. When she saw Jun Mobai cozy up to Jiang Chen, her dark brows drew together slightly, seeming to take exception to what she was seeing.

Jiang Chen happened to be facing her at that moment, and his God’s Eye clearly took in the slight pursing...

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