Chapter 511: You Have Questions? The Hell Does It Have To Do With Me

Chapter 511: You Have Questions? The Hell Does It Have To Do With Me

Shen Qinghong was of a mind to take the field himself, but he had his position to think of. He was still the top genius in name and so couldn’t bear to lower himself to challenge Jun Mobai and Jiang Chen. He could only repress the fury in his belly and return to the Noble Palace.

“Junior sister Ling, you have the most right to speak when it comes to pill dao. What are your thoughts about Elder Yun Nie setting two spots for the Pill Battles aside?” Shen Qinghong turned the focus of the discussion to the quota for the Pill Battles. Mu Gaoqi’s thoughts churned as he realized Shen Qinghong was making trouble again.

There wasn’t the slightest ripple of emotion on Ling Bi’er’s cold and charming face. The tone of her response was equally void of any inflection, “Elder Yun Nie is the pillar of our sect and he must have his own reasons for his actions. I have nothing to say.”

Ling Bi’er may be an icy beauty, but that didn’t mean she was a fool. How could she not see through Shen Qinghong’s words to see that he was trying to use her as a weapon toobject to Jiang Chen and Mu Gaoqi? Although she was surprised and even slightly irked by their meteoric rise, she’d learned about Jiang Chen and Mu Gaoqi’s scores from her sister Ling Hui’er. Her sister had also seemed to accept her loss with grace.

Ling Bi’er knew that her younger sister’s potential wasn’t much lower than her own. If even her sister admitted she was inferior to Jiang Chen and Mu Gaoqi, then there wasn’t much she could be upset about.

The key point was that she was already top in class for pill dao potential in the Sovereign Area. There were four slots allocated to the younger generation when it came to the Pill Battles. Even if Jiang Chen and Mu Gaoqi took two, one of the remaining would still go to her.

Shen Qinghong threw another look at Nie Chong when he saw that Ling Bi’er wasn’t taking the bait. Although Nie Chong was part of the four kings, he’d always been Shen Qinghong’s loyal sidekick. Even though he’d just lost his challenge to Jun Mobai, a sharp light still shone on his face. There wasn’t the slightest hint of dejection to be found in his countenance. “Everyone, I feel as if there are some thoughts that I’m compelled to air.”

He rose to his feet, his back ramrod straight. “I feel that there’s a degree of bias in how the spots for the Pill Battles have been determined. Everyone knows that those of the Sovereign Area must first be considered for any event that represents the sect. However, this time, two from the Soaring Cloud area have been chosen to represent us. Who knows if something else is at play behind the scenes?”

Rong Zifeng had been the villain in the sparring, and now it was Nie Chong’s turn to play a fierce offense.

Shen Qinghong nodded slightly. “There is sense in junior brother Nie’s words. The situation does seem a tad inappropriate. Of course, I would never suspect Elder Yun Nie of any schemes to pull himself ahead, but I’m rather curious how junior brother Jiang Chen and Gaoqi have soared to the skies with just their cultivation level of minor origin realm. Moreover, even managing to obtain a residence in the Soaring Cloud Area. Just what stunning potential do these junior brothers possess to be so astonishing? Let’s put this matter to rest today. We are all gathered here today, so why don’t we ask the two junior brothers to show off a thing or two? This will broaden our perspectives and erase the bafflement in our hearts.”

Multiple pairs of eyes turned towards Jiang Chen and Mu Gaoqi. Even Jun Mobai and Ling Bi’er were no exception. Just because they didn’t stand up to suppress the two didn’t mean they weren’t curious. It was impossible for them not to hold the slightest objection to these two young men from the Soaring Clouds Area seemingly skipping over them to obtain spots for the Pill Battles.

“Junior brother Jiang Chen, you’ve placed first in the pill dao competition. Why don’t you show your hand at pills a little and dispel everyone’s prejudices?” Shen Qinghong’s look was serene, but a light flickered deep in his eyes.

When Jiang Chen met Shen Qinghong’s gaze, he could tell that the latter had practiced some sort of eye art. But even so, how would Jiang Chen be afraid of anyone? There were actually a few traces of a compulsion art underlying Shen Qinghong’s gentle tones. Jiang Chen smiled faintly as his God’s Eye activated, suddenly shooting out a beam of golden light towards Shen Qinghong’s eyes like a sharp arrow.

Pfft pfft pfft pfft!

The sounds of their gazes produced an audible clash. Shen Qinghong’s eyelids flickered, betraying his shock. His compulsion art had been utterly destroyed by Jiang Chen’s golden beam.

Jiang Chen’s smile was slightly mocking as he replied in an unruffled tone, “So you have some questions, but what does that have to do with me? Why must I show what I’ve got?”

It’s your business if you’ve questions, but do I have the obligation to enlighten you?

Shen Qinghong’s look grew frosty. This Jiang Chen was completely unbridled, leaving him no face at all! Even Jun Mobai didn’t dare act so brazenly in front of him.

Nie Chong slammed his hand down on the table. “Jiang Chen, aren’t you fearless in your ignorance! How dare you act like this in front of senior brother Shen?! I can only presume that you don’t want to remain in the Sovereign Area any longer!”

“That’s right. Jiang Chen, even the sect elders show senior brother Shen face. He has reached half step sage realm, and once he breaks through, he will become the core of the sect. An unparalleled existence! A mere minor origin realm like you leaves senior brother with no face! Are you trying to end your days in this area?” Rong Zifeng had been furious ever since he’d lost the bet to Jiang Chen and come off the worse after the blow to his resources.

“Indeed Jiang Chen, you’re a bit much. Although you do have a few hints of being a genius, the Sovereign Area has its own rules, and your behavior is tantamount to flouting them with impunity.”

“Jiang Chen, you’re likely used to doing whatever you wanted in the Precious Tree Sect. But now that you’re in the Regal Pill Palace, how are you worthy of your residence with such crude and rude behavior? In my eyes, we need to hold a serious discussion about your continued placement in this Sovereign Area.”

Those speaking all looked to Shen Qinghong as their leader in the Sovereign Area. They were his men through and through.

Even when faced with this crowd of poisonous admonishments, Jiang Chen’s expression didn’t change at all. That confident and relaxed smiled never wavered even as his eyes narrowed and swept across those assembled. “Groveling in the dust and desperately licking boots. Forming cliques and factions. These are the so-called geniuses of the Sovereign Area? I, Jiang Chen, am ashamed to be even be named as one of you.” Jiang Chen’s tone was completely contemptuous. He looked indifferent to the gazes that were suddenly set aflame by his words. Every pair of eyes promised him a sure death.

His tone suddenly changed as he continued. “I’d thought that the geniuses of the Sovereign Area were all unique geniuses with their own path. Who would’ve thought that there were so many who only knows to fawn on the rich and powerful? I feel rather sad for Palace Head Dan Chi. He’d created new residences to cultivate extraordinary geniuses who could rise above the common herd. Why don’t all of you take a piss and look at your reflection? Are you worthy of the Sovereign Realm with such subservient behavior?”

His God’s Eye shone with a brilliant presence as his words echoed. His quick barrage left everyone’s mouths hanging open in shock, so stunned that they were at a loss for what to say.

Jun Mobai clapped loudly. “Junior brother Jiang Chen’s words speak straight to my heart. Since we occupy positions of high station, it is our responsibility to set an example for the younger generation within the sect. Sadly, some people can’t seem to shake off the mentality of a slave and never realize their true self. Therefore, what other great accomplishments can they achieve in this life apart from being a sidekick?”

Although Ling Bi’er didn’t say anything, she nodded slightly, plainly agreeing with Jiang Chen and Jun Mobai’s words. She was a pill dao genius, a martial dao talent, and one of the few who weren’t willing to run with Shen Qinghong in the Sovereign Area. Just like Jun Mobai, she walked her own path and refused to kiss up to Shen Qinghong or submit to his power.

Shen Qinghong’s faction held absolute advantage in the Sovereign Area. Although Jun Mobai and Ling Bi’er didn’t coexist peacefully with him, they rarely publicly attacked him like this. Jiang Chen’s appearance this time had brought all their conflicts to the fore, and the situation immediately became dangerously explosive.

Shen Qinghong had always sat firmly on his throne, but who would’ve expected that his throne would be shaken to this extent by the repeated losses of the day? Jun Mobai’s words only criticized Nie Chong and Rong Zifeng, but Jiang Chen was publicly defying Shen Qinghong!

However, he was the local tyrant in the Sovereign Area, and although he was enraged, he still sneered coldly. “Junior brother Jiang Chen, it’s all well and good to show off our light and edge. But if one lacks the corresponding ability that can back up their bluster, that’s not called unsheathing one’s edge, but the blind bravery.”

Nie Chong also shouted out. “That’s right! Jiang Chen, it’s no use if you only have a glib tongue. Who knows if there’s a hidden force at work behind the scenes regarding your Pill Battle slot? Your refusal to show your abilities is simply a sign of a guilty conscience! The more you have a guilty conscience, the more it points to some unspeakable secret in the shadows!”

“Moron.” Jiang Chen laughed leisurely. “You seem so confident that you’ve found some secret of mine. Then what are you waiting for? Call all your backers and sign a collective petition tattling on me. Go make a big deal out of things! Go protest to the Palace Head. What are you doing wasting time here with me?”

Nie Chong laughed coldly. “Do you think this matter is over like this?”

Jiang Chen shrugged lightly. “Whatever you want.” He stretched, getting to his feet with an unconcerned smile, “Senior brother Shen, are these boring tricks the entirety of the so-called monthly meeting? My time is valuable; don’t waste it in the future. I’m leaving.”

Mu Gaoqi also leapt up when he saw Jiang Chen walk out, following his brother out. He also shook his head and sighed as he left behind his parting words. “For all I’ve heard of the vaunted Sovereign Area, nothing was more telling than seeing it in person. It would be an exaggeration to say its reputation is unearned, but it’s been truly disappointing.” Mu Gaoqi had solidified his determination to follow Jiang Chen. He didn’t waver even when facing Shen Qinghong.

As Shen Qinghong saw the two leave, a look of killing intent shot out of his cold set face.

Jun Mobai also smiled noncommittally. “Brother Shen, there is indeed no meaning to this monthly meeting. I will also not attend in the future.”

Ling Bi’er also stood up. “I have no interest in attending either. Enjoy yourself, senior brother Shen.”

The two newly ascended martial geniuses also expressed their intent to leave. They’d just been insulted by Rong Zifeng and naturally wanted nothing to do with Shen Qinghong.

In this way, six of the twelve geniuses in the area took their leave, leaving only Shen Qinghong’s group of five and another fellow who couldn’t make up his mind. However, the fellow ultimately decided to stay after thinking about things for a while.

“Senior brother Shen, this Jiang Chen is simply too cocky, we must take him down with extreme prejudice!” Rong Zifeng huffed with anger. “It’s a pity that I underestimated this vermin earlier!”

“Senior brother Shen, even that trash Jun Mobai is starting to strut about. It looks like he has quite some ambition and wants to sway Jiang Chen to his side, setting himself up as an equal against you.” Nie Chong also spoke.

Shen Qinghong’s cold expression suddenly changed as he revealed a chilly, arrogant smile. “Completely useless trash like clay chickens and pottery dogs. I was going to announce something today but forget it, they will all come to know in a few days. Then they’ll realize how unwise and idiotic their actions today were!”

Nie Chong’s expression abruptly transformed. “Senior brother Shen, are you breaking through to the sage realm?”

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