Chapter 511: You Have Questions? The Hell Does It Have To Do With Me

Chapter 511: You Have Questions? The Hell Does It Have To Do With Me

Shen Qinghong was of a mind to take the field himself, but he had his position to think of. He was still the top genius in name and so couldn’t bear to lower himself to challenge Jun Mobai and Jiang Chen. He could only repress the fury in his belly and return to the Noble Palace.

“Junior sister Ling, you have the most right to speak when it comes to pill dao. What are your thoughts about Elder Yun Nie setting two spots for the Pill Battles aside?” Shen Qinghong turned the focus of the discussion to the quota for the Pill Battles. Mu Gaoqi’s thoughts churned as he realized Shen Qinghong was making trouble again.

There wasn’t the slightest ripple of emotion on Ling Bi’er’s cold and charming face. The tone of her response was equally void of any inflection, “Elder Yun Nie is the pillar of our sect and he must have his own reasons for his actions. I have nothing to say.”

Ling Bi’er may be an icy beauty, but that didn’t mean she was a fool. How could she not see through Shen Qinghong’s words to see that he was trying to use her as a weapon toobject to Jiang Chen and Mu Gaoqi? Although she was surprised and even slightly irked by their meteoric rise, she’d learned about Jiang Chen...

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