Chapter 510: Jiang Chen Wins the Bet

Chapter 510: Jiang Chen Wins the Bet

Mu Gaoqi frantically gesticulated beneath the ring, as if he wanted to lend Jiang Chen every iota of his strength to withstand Rong Zifeng’s final blow. In Mu Gaoqi’s eyes, a minor origin realm facing a sky origin realm was very much the heroic efforts of a rabbit against a lion. If Jiang Chen could remain undefeated after ten blows, it would be an absolutely epic battle.

“Mu Gaoqi, you’re starting your victory parade a bit early. Do you think that this is all that Rong Zifeng, number six of the Sovereign Area, has to him?” Nie Chong, ranked fourth amongst the four kings, sneered coldly from his seat.

Shen Qinghong’s lips curved slightly, a hint of smile tugging at them. “To think that a mere peak of the minor origin realm could force Zifeng to use his trump card, what a rare sight. What a pity that he’s simply too young.”

Ling Bi’er also sighed softly, seeming to pity Jiang Chen. At the same time, she seemed to despise Rong Zifeng even more. Her sexy lips moved slightly, but she said nothing.

It was rather the genteel Jun Mobai who chuckled. “That Jiang Chen is quite...

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