Chapter 509: Enormous Arm of Buddha’s Warrior Attendant

Chapter 509: Enormous Arm of Buddha’s Warrior Attendant

Jiang Chen’s own arts did indeed lack ways to counter earth based moves. None of the skills in his repertoire would be able to hold this Great Earth Flood back, but that didn’t mean he was helpless.

He extended his arms, and eighty one ice and fire lotuses erupted from beneath the ground like snakes, surrounding him in their mist. Jiang Chen stood within a flower with a gentle look in his eyes. He reigned supreme in the world of the Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice. Even the Great Earth Flood would falter before the Lotus that could drill through even the most durable of mountains. Therefore, when the Lotus emerged, the force of the Great Earth Flood was ablated to a reasonable degree.

“Rong Zifeng, you only have ten moves. Make them count!” Jiang Chen was holding back enough to even verbally spar with his opponent during the battle.

Although Jiang Chen was slightly surprised by the earth attribute art that Rong Zifeng was training, this level of gravitational restraint wasn’t enough to render him helpless. If it’d been a sage realm...

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