Chapter 509: Enormous Arm of Buddha’s Warrior Attendant

Chapter 509: Enormous Arm of Buddha’s Warrior Attendant

Jiang Chen’s own arts did indeed lack ways to counter earth based moves. None of the skills in his repertoire would be able to hold this Great Earth Flood back, but that didn’t mean he was helpless.

He extended his arms, and eighty one ice and fire lotuses erupted from beneath the ground like snakes, surrounding him in their mist. Jiang Chen stood within a flower with a gentle look in his eyes. He reigned supreme in the world of the Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice. Even the Great Earth Flood would falter before the Lotus that could drill through even the most durable of mountains. Therefore, when the Lotus emerged, the force of the Great Earth Flood was ablated to a reasonable degree.

“Rong Zifeng, you only have ten moves. Make them count!” Jiang Chen was holding back enough to even verbally spar with his opponent during the battle.

Although Jiang Chen was slightly surprised by the earth attribute art that Rong Zifeng was training, this level of gravitational restraint wasn’t enough to render him helpless. If it’d been a sage realm expert deploying the gravity art, then perhaps Jiang Chen would’ve truly been immobilized. However, Rong Zifeng was far from strong enough.

A cold hint played about Rong Zifeng’s lips when he heard the taunt, responding with a shout, “Jiang Chen, since you’re obviously seeking death, I’ll be happy to send you on your way!” His arms suddenly ballooned, rapidly becoming as thick as a pair of elephant legs. Each arm was five meters long, and resembled a giant tree trunk. His fists radiated yellow ripples the size of a great drum.


Rong Zifeng slammed his fist down, but his target wasn’t Jiang Chen. He punched the ground as hard as he could.


The ring shook fiercely like it had been hit by an earthquake. Jiang Chen’s body swayed as he kept his balance through the shaking.

Rong Zifeng’s other fist whistled through the air, instantly filling the space in front of Jiang Chen. The enormous fist’s descent was accompanied by countless soil-colored runes, full of the domineering aura of a sky origin realm cultivator.

Jiang Chen was inwardly impressed when he saw the overwhelming force behind the punch. The geniuses in the Sovereign Area well deserved their titles. Rong Zifeng wasn’t number six on the Sovereign Area rankings for nothing.

When the enormous fist came crashing down, Jiang Chen didn’t remain idle. He directed eighteen ice lotus vines to whip towards that enormously thick arm. “Wind around it!”

With a quick gesture, he manipulated the vines to twine around the arm. As soon as the vines were fully wrapped around the arm, he made a different seal with his hands, “Freeze!”

Eighteen ice lotuses spat out beams of frost, as the air filled with crackling sounds. The enormous arm was covered in a layer of hardened ice. The combination of the ice and the vines managed to bring Rong Zifeng’s punch to an abrupt and forceful halt!

“Great! That’s one!” Mu Gaoqi shouted from below. He’d sucked in a quick breath when he saw just how frightening this punch was. If it were him in the ring, he likely would’ve long been pounded to a fine meat paste. It was a good thing that Brother Chen was amazing and had even managed to counterattack after catching this punch.

Rong Zifeng’s fist was sealed, and the enormous surge of ice energy was even seeking to freeze his arm solid. He roared loudly as a brown haze appeared on his arm.


The arm flexed, growing thicker again as various green tendons trembled beneath the skin like water snakes, as if they were struggling with everything they had. The vibration from the green tendons actually fractured the ice to pieces, causing it cascade to the floor in great sheets.

“Jiang Chen, take another of my punches!” This time, Rong Zifeng swept his arm over in a sweeping move that sought to clear everything before him. If the Lotus could catch that previous blow that bore down with the weight of Mt. Tai, then this arm that swept everything up in its path was aimed straight at the stalk of the Lotus.

Snap snap snap snap.

More than ten vines were instantly snapped by the crushing momentum, but Jiang Chen was ready. A magnetic storm whirled into existence around him as it went careening into Rong Zifeng’s arm. Rong Zifeng felt like he was punching through a patch of turbulence as the magnetic storm grated away all the force he brought to bear.

“Haha, move number two. Go Brother Chen!” Mu Gaoqi was both excited and agitated as he hopped from foot to foot beneath the ring. He was completely enthralled by the fight, utterly oblivious to Shen Qinghong’s furrowed brow of displeasure. Mu Gaoqi was well aware that he was destined to be suppressed by Shen Qinghong in the Sovereign Area. Now that hostilities had broken into the open, he had no reason to walk on eggshells around Shen Qinghong.

Although he was weak and cowardly, the Mu Gaoqi of today wasn’t the Mu Gaoqi of yesteryear. His mindset had slowly started to transform.

Jiang Chen activated the fire lotuses and fiery vines began to breathe flames like the dragons of old, wreathing around Rong Zifeng’s arms in a blazing sheath.

Rong Zifeng cackled. “Jiang Chen, don’t waste your efforts. My Gorilla Arm is impervious to fire and water. You want to use these paltry abilities to defeat my Arm? Dream on!” He began punching rapidly, building his rhythm as he sent his fists crashing towards Jiang Chen.

Rong Zifeng was quite irked that he hadn’t connected with his first two moves. His “Gorilla Arm” technique didn’t just have those two moves, but also a set of continuous attack techniques. Once he had the chance to deploy them, it was as if an ancient gorilla had awakened in a fury, forcing the heavens to tremble in fear.

Bam bam bam!

The boxing aura soared to the skies as it battered the Lotus’ defensive perimeter, slowly reducing its coverage.

Ever since Jiang Chen had obtained the Lotus, he’d never lost a battle. But currently, the Lotus had indeed been suppressed to its lowest output. It wasn’t that it wasn’t up to par, but that it was indeed difficult to contend with this crazy barrage of attacks with only the power of fire and water.

It was a good thing that there were many lotuses, and that Jiang Chen could now control 108 vines at the same time. Although his defenses were gradually giving ground, the Lotus’ defenses wasn’t something that could be easily destroyed. The monstrous regenerative power of the Lotus managed to stave off the constant destruction, becoming the keystone of Jiang Chen’s defense.

“This won’t do at all. Staying on the defense will only cement my loss. I can’t just let him whale on me like this without a proper response, can I?” With that thought, Jiang Chen once again began forming hand seals and letting countless golden currents stream out of his fingers. This time, the magnetic storm he was building was many times greater than the one before. Jiang Chen suddenly pushed with both hands and sent the storm whirling towards the threatening Rong Zifeng.

Rong Zifeng was having a great time hurling punches to his heart’s content. He was caught off guard as the magnetic storm smashed into him. He swayed on his feet, almost lifted off the ground from the force of the storm. He hastily retracted both arms and sent his palms thrusting forward.


One had to say, the Arm did indeed possess an incredible power. This push was enough to tear the frightening magnetic storm into a shower of golden fragments of light, disappearing into the void. The two had already exchanged seven moves.

“Go Brother Chen! This guy only has three moves left!” Mu Gaoqi called out loudly.

Rong Zifeng was enraged. If they’d kept the original bet of three moves, he would’ve lost already. He had never imagined that Jiang Chen would be so strong. When he deployed his Gorilla Arms, even the four kings would have to let him obtain center stage for a while, only defeating him when he ran out of strength. But now, it hadn’t defeated Jiang Chen even after seven blows in a row? Jiang Chen, a mere cultivator at the peak of the minor origin realm? This fellow only seemed to be a pill genius!

Rong Zifeng couldn’t accept this at all.

Jiang Chen suddenly laughed coldly. “Rong Zifeng, it’s time you take one of my blows!” His words were accompanied by his finger, which rose to point into the air.

All of the fire lotuses spewed out countless tongues of flame as he moved. His fingertip sucked in all of the fire, turning incandescent. Go! Jiang Chen stabbed forward with his finger and the terrifying force behind it filled the air.

“Skyblaze Supernova Point!” If this point was at its pinnacle, it would be capable of annihilating planets. Its destructive power was astonishing, and as Rong Zifeng hesitated, it sprang at him as it could set the very sky on fire. A wave of anger sent a flush through Rong Zifeng as he thrust his arm forward, ripples emanating from his palm.


When the force behind the finger collided with the palm thrust, the defenses formed by the ripples exploded, and Rong Zifeng felt his arms grow hot as the enormous forces collided with each other.

At this time, Jiang Chen’s moves suddenly changed as he stabbed forth with another finger, one even more profound than the last. “Supernova Galaxy Point!”

This move was the most devastating one he could harness at the moment. It attempted to tame the boundless metal energy and transform it into a terrifyingly destructive energy. The two moves arrived at almost the same time despite being deployed after each other.

By the time Rong Zifeng felt the burning sensation spread through his arm, the Supernova Galaxy Point had already arrived.


The terrifying finger was a golden flash of light as it sank into Rong Zifeng’s arms. Immediately, an earth shaking explosion reverberated in the ears of the spectators.

When the dust cleared, Rong Zifeng’s enormous arms was nothing more than gore, flesh and blood splattering across the ring. The Supernova Galaxy Point had forcefully twisted them into scraps of flesh. The jaws of everyone present dropped.

Everyone, including Shen Qinghong, were well aware of how frightening the Gorilla Arms were. But now, right before their eyes, it’d been torn apart by a minor origin realm cultivator! Even if Rong Zifeng’s bones and tendons were left intact, this was something that had never happened before!

Mu Gaoqi was overjoyed. “Fantastic! The ninth move! Only one left, Brother Chen! Hang on and victory will be yours!” Mu Gaoqi’s shouts were deafening in the silence, and was also a unquestionable blow to Rong Zifeng’s psyche.

“Jiang Chen!!” Rong Zifeng threw back his head and howled, killing intent exploding into flame in his eyes. “You… you harmed my Gorilla Arm! This is unforgivable! I will tear you to shreds for this blasphemy and eradicate you, no matter your background or patron!”

Rong Zifeng had gone mad as he looked as his arms dripping with blood. This was a humiliation he’d never tasted before!

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