Chapter 508: If We’re Going to Bet, Let’s Make a Bigger Bet

Chapter 508: If We’re Going to Bet, Let’s Make a Bigger Bet

Jiang Chen’s fingers tapped lightly on the armrest of his chair, following his own rhythm as he sat back. Even in the face of gazes flicking at him from all corners of the room, he was completely at ease.

“Stop pretending to be so mighty and mysterious, Jiang Chen. Answer the challenge if you have the guts, or bow your head if you don’t!” Rong Zifeng barked in laughter and looked on with contempt.

“Rong Zifeng, do you have any self respect at all?” Mu Gaoqi leapt to his feet, his voice rising in anger, “A sky origin cultivator of such an age, and yet you feel no shame in challenging us minor origin cultivators?”

Rong Zifeng smiled sinisterly. “Don’t worry, Mu Gaoqi, I won’t bully you. Come on up. If I can’t handle you in one move, then just count that as my incompetence. As for Jiang Chen, if you can even take three of my moves, then you can count that as me losing!” It was a thoroughly provocative tone.

“So what if you lose?” Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “You’re just flapping your lips. I have no interest in playing such a boring game.”

“Then what do you want to do?” Rong Zifeng snorted derisively.

“Since you want to play, let’s really play...

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