Chapter 507: Suppression and Counterattack

Chapter 507: Suppression and Counterattack

Mu Gaoqi broke Jiang Chen’s silent resting with a mental message, “Brother Chen, there’s always been talk of four kings in the Sovereign Area. Those would be Shen Qinghong, Jun Mobai, Ling Bi’er, and Nie Chong. Shen Qinghong and Jun Mobai have reached the peak of the origin realm and are called half step sage realm. Ling Bi’er and Nie Chong are ninth level origin realm. Ling Bi’er in particular is Ling Hui’er’s older sister and known for her sexy style. She also happens to have the strongest pill dao potential. The other Sovereign Area disciples are well behind the four kings.”

Jiang Chen’s expression suddenly grew a bit odd, and Mu Gaoqi also seemed to sense something off as everyone’s eyes suddenly snapped open, shooting stern looks over to Mu Gaoqi in unplanned unison. The looks felt like like the spontaneous eruption of sword aura, sending chills raking over Mu Gaoqi.

Shen Qinghong smiled slightly. “Junior brother Gaoqi. I forgot to tell you that my palace is called the Noble Palace. There’s a particular restriction here that prevents silent messages. When you use your consciousness to send a message, it will...

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