Chapter 506: The Monthly Sovereign Area Meeting

Chapter 506: The Monthly Sovereign Area Meeting

Every single one of Jiang Chen’s followers trained in these two arts, so it wasn’t some exclusive method that he was passing onto Mu Gaoqi. Jiang Chen was investing this much in Mu Gaoqi because he saw potential worthy of doing so in the latter. Mu Gaoqi’s personality was loyal and honest, worthy of trust.

The Regal Pill Palace was treating Jiang Chen well, and this would be how he would repay their favor, by raising a great future pill master for them. Nevertheless, he only passed on these two and nothing else, because as a pill master, what Mu Gaoqi was weakest in currently was vision and strength of heart. If he could obtain some achievement in this regard and shore up the gaps in his abilities, then his growth rate would skyrocket. To be honest, Jiang Chen was rather looking forward to the day.

“Gaoqi, although I’ve been of some use in helping you achieve what you have today, the key still lies in your potential and your intelligence. If you didn’t possess a wood constitution and have knowledge of the wood spirit spring, you never would be where you are today no matter how much I helped...

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