Chapter 505: The Conception of a Formation

Chapter 505: The Conception of a Formation

After walking around for a while, Jiang Chen still chose the ground beneath a karst cave system. Although it didn’t have a naturally formed crater, Jiang Chen wasn’t worried. After all, he had a free labor force in the form of the Goldbiter Rats. After a day of excavation, they managed to dig out an enormous pit just slightly larger than the one that originally held the wood spirit spring. It was perfect for holding the lake’s waters.

There was also ample spirit energy in this area, so Jiang Chen planted many spirit herbs that had the wood attribute to conceal the presence of the Jade Vine. He replanted the Jade Vine before summoning Long Xiaoxuan to release the waters of the lake.

The spring was reformed in a mere two hours.

Jiang Chen circled the cave a few times and felt that the cave didn’t have much in the way of defenses. “Although a restriction is in place on the border of my residence, it really is appalling that none of my personal restrictions are in place around the residence.”

Since he now had his own place, Jiang Chen didn’t wish for just anyone to easily walk in and out of his territory. It wasn’t that he was unfamiliar with formation restrictions. The only thing he...

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