Chapter 504: Taking Up Residence

Chapter 504: Taking Up Residence

The unexpected discovery of Mu Gaoqi sent the Regal Pill Palace into an immediate uproar. The Herbal Hall was even more excited. Being focused on pills, they knew more than anybody else what an innate wood constitution of high order meant.

To put it bluntly, such a constitution was rare even in the Upper Eight Realms, much less a Lower Realm like the Myriad Domain. Therefore, Mu Gaoqi’s shocking emergence marked a raucous celebration in the Regal Pill Palace.

At the same time, those whose thoughts ran a bit further silently contemplated, “If Mu Gaoqi with an innate wood constitution of high order was only number two, then what potential does Jiang Chen have, with his full marks? Why didn’t Elder Yun Nie take Jiang Chen as a disciple, instead accepting Mu Gaoqi? Could it be that Jiang Chen is so much more talented than Mu Gaoqi that even Elder Yun Nie doesn’t dare accept him as a disciple?”

All sorts of speculations and questions spread through the crowd as everyone gave their curiosity about the two who had won in the competition of pill dao free rein.

Since the competition was over with, Elder Yun Nie also took advantage of the situation to announce,...

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