Chapter 502: Final Rankings, Assignment of Residences

Chapter 502: Final Rankings, Assignment of Residences

After handing in his formation etching, Jiang Chen left the pill refinement room and walked into the seed cultivation area, checking and fertilizing his seeds. From his understanding of the seed’s growth, he had a ninety percent guarantee of making it sprout before three days. This was also the only topic he was left waiting on.

Jiang Chen’s seed successfully sprouted after two days, and after handing in the seed, he was completely done. He didn’t leave though, choosing to wait in Shen Li Palace to see the final results. Only when everyone finished would they begin the scoring of the fourth category  and present the final rankings.

When the elders who suspected he was cheating saw Jiang Chen the first to emerge, they couldn’t help but feel a slight sense of shock. In their eyes, Jiang Chen had previously demonstrated such an unstoppable momentum only because Palace Head Dan Chi and Elder Yun Nie were helping him. Following that train of thought, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from faltering...

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